Sam Worthington

Dear Ted:
So what information do you have on Sam Worthington? He's being cast for so much lately, and I love it. What is the deal with his GF? Are they the real thing? He seems super low-key and not into the fame whoring that we see so many stars up to lately. But any juicy deets on the hottie? BTW I adopted a rescue two years ago by the name of Chelsea, but I call her Toot. What can I say...I love her to death.

Dear Worthy of Worthington:
The dude is totally it—and straight for you lucky ladies (or haters who claim that I think everyone in H'wood is gay). But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few secrets hidden behind his big blockbuster persona but rather small stature. Let's just say some of Sam's fellow Aussies think he still has the gruff, woman-ogling ways of the bricklayer he used to be. Hot!

Dear Ted:
My friends and I have a pool going on how much longer we think Skarsworth will last. Some are convinced that after the spectacle they made of themselves at Coachella, the clock is quickly running down on these two. While others, myself included, are sure that Miss Bosworth will happily ride the True Blood publicity train until fall. What's your guess?

Dear Gamblers Anon:
I'll put $20 on the former.

Dear Ted:
Socioeconomic inequalities aside, can you really blame Michael Douglas for coming to his son's defense? If I were in his position and my child was facing years in prison where, as an obviously affluent inmate, he or she would be the target of rape and abuse, you can be damn sure that I would do everything in my power to prevent this. At his own admission, Michael Douglas was a terrible father, and he's obviously trying to atone for this. Cameron needs help, but tough love doesn't have to come in the form of exposing him to abuse while he rots in prison.

Dear Legal Eagle:
I don't blame Douglas. In fact, I admire any father who would make the same plea. But that wasn't my point at all, which is that the court bought it and played favorites because the dope dealer's daddy happened to be famous. Every parent wants to help their kids, but unless you're a celeb, no matter how much you plead, you probably won't get that jail sentence cut in half. Pathetic double standard.

Dear Ted:
Personally, I don't want Cory Monteith and Taylor Swift to be together. For one, it's a pretty big age difference. Two, Taylor is like a 10-year-old singing about fairytales and love, and I just think she's too immature to be dating someone seven years older than her. I think she needs to date younger. And I know you say Cory and Lea would never date, but they are so cute! Do you think it's a possibility for Cory and Dianna Agron to date?

Dear Matchmaker:
I'd say it's a better possibility than Lea, but still way off. Guess there won't be as many on-set hookups as with the Twilight kids—well, at least not yet. Soon, though.

Dear Ted:
I have been a regular for a couple of years. In all that time, I have never seen the level of hate toward any celeb that some people feel for R.Pattz and K.Stew. Some of it is crazy way beyond snarky. Do you have an opinion on what motivates the haters? Jealousy? Delusional love? Mental illness? Or the ultimate excuse, "freedom of speech"?
—Sally A

Dear Hater Diagnosis:
On that particular totally beyond group? All of the above, plus a little sexual psychosis.

Dear Ted:
I completely get where Summit is coming from about Kristen Stewart. I personally can't stand her in promotions and interviews, and I bet I'm not the only one. Let me make this clear: I don't dislike the girl, but she has some serious issues with press. Can she smile? Seems like Summit has been getting the hint. Are Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner having a difficult time with Summit, too?

Dear See Above Question:
Give the girl a break, so she gets nervous around press? Why is that a bad thing—makes her even cooler in our eyes because she doesn't have some phony public persona like so many other up-and-comers in H'wood.

Dear Ted:
With this report that another celeb is about to come out, can it be Toothy at last?
—Ft. Lauderdale Friend

Dear Don't Hold Your Breathe:
it be? Possibly. It's been rumored to be old T2 for long enough. But will it be is a whole different question. One that I'm betting is going to be a big fat no.

Dear Ted:
Every pet I've ever had I have adopted or, like the sweet kitty I have now, found on my doorstep. My question is about Kenny Chesney. Can you give us any hint as to what really went down for him and Renée to break up so quickly? Has he ever been a Blind?

Dear Wedding Woes:
Probably had something to do with the subzero heat between the two. You know, like what R.W. has going on now with Bradley Cooper. (And don't forget the ginormous tequila bill right after the quickie wedding, not a good omen of things to come.)

Dear Ted:
I love your Blind Vices, and I decided to go back and revisit a few oldies but goodies, which leads me to this question: Has Kate Walsh ever been a subject of a Blind?

Dear Doc Drama:
While the Grey's cast may have their fair share of off-set drama, the fiery former doc isn't quit scandalous enough to be a Blind Vice star, hard as she may try. But what about the rest of those horny docs?

Dear Ted:
How's Lady Gaga doing? Is she still starving herself to look "perfect"? Her tour is still going on, and I think she's coming out with a new album, so I hope she finds some food before the release date and can take a break.

Dear Going GaGa:
Uh, sure doesn't look like the diva is stopping to take a break anytime soon, as the only things Lady G thinks about are work, work and work it off. But the fab babe's team knows they have to take care of her, so as to not let another onstage faint job happen, so breathe easy for a while.

Dear Ted:
Thanks for all you do for animals. Just curious. Are there contracts involved with showmances? How do the parties involved go about daily living with each other? For example, would Toothy have paid his beard's water bill or shared cereal with her?

Dear Paperwork:
Good question. Yes, specified bargains and deals exist between these jokers. But think less Toothy Tile, more Fey Oiled-Tush.


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