Those looking for the dirt, look somewhere else.

The ever classy Melissa Etheridge turned up on the Oprah Winfrey Show today (it was quite the lineup) and resisted the urge to hang any dirty laundry about her breakup with her longtime partner, Tammy.

"How could I possibly distill almost nine years of a wonderful relationship and explain to you—and I know that people really want that sound bite of 'this happened, that happened, he said, she said,' or something like that, and it's not that simple.

"It's about growth…It's certainly not even fair of me to stand here and tell my story when Tammy doesn't have the chance." Not that Etheridge didn't open up a bit about their split, mind you.

Of their surprise separation, the Grammy winner said it was "as mutual as those things can be."

"It is about growing, it is about growth," she said. "It's about evolving myself. I feel like now I'm walking my life, and I'm realizing I'm no good to anyone else unless I'm completely in love with myself."

"It's sad, and we share two children, and she'll always be in my life, and she's a wonderful woman and an incredible mother. We will have a relationship…the children come first."

And the good-hearted cracks that show she isn't taking herself too seriously come in a close second.

"I don't know why they say there's no gay marriage," she said. "I have two ex-wives."


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