Today's Oprah Winfrey Show was a little more sparkly and a lot more vampy than usual. And thank God Rob for that. (The cougars no doubt already have.)

As promised, Oprah had the privilege this morning of airing the final Eclipse trailer before the sequel's June 30 release, with the footage—as dark, moody, dramatic and high-stakes-filled as any we've seen—introduced via Skype by the red-eyed monster herself, Dakota Fanning (who, incidentally, Oprah today dubbed "one of the greatest actresses of our time").

While Twi-hards won't require an introduction to the latest 90-second swoonfest, here's all the information those not in the know need to enjoy it: Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner. Army of vampires. Awesomesauce.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch it already (but not before marking your calendars for May 13—the date when Edward, Bella, Jacob and Jane's alter egos will appear in the flesh on Oprah). Get those smelling salts ready.


We know this trailer is only going to leave you wanting more. Which is why we've given you the gift of our Total Eclipse gallery!

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