Jennifer Lopez Sets Out to Prove She's No Diva

Back-Up Plan star playfully attempts to turn her reputation around while appearing on Lopez Tonight

By Peter Gicas Apr 23, 2010 3:44 PMTags

Whether true or not, Jennifer Lopez has a rep for being a bit of a diva (heck, even we sometimes refer to her that way). But George Lopez?

Apparently so, given how G.Lo found himself going head-to-head with J.Lo in the "Not a Diva Olympics" during the Lopez Tonight show on Thursday night.

Standing alongside conveyor belts, each Lopez faced three ordinary, everyday tasks—grocery bagging, sandwich-making and diaper-changing—to determine, according to moderator John O'Hurley, "who is the friend of the common man and who is primped like a peacock." 

While we won't reveal who wins, this showdown should definitely put the diva rumors about one of them to rest once and for all. OK, maybe not, but it's still pretty funny. 


We're not sure if this is a diva move or not, but did you see when Jennifer took over George's monologue recently?