Reviews were mixed, but it's not that complicated: Meryl Streep plus Alec Baldwin equals, if not movie magic, then at least some hearty laughter and a permasmile.

Streep and Baldwin, who along with Steve Martin formed an extremely well-heeled love triangle, arrive on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday in Universal's Golden Globe-nominated It's Complicated, directed by Nancy "Women of a Certain Age Just Wanna Have Fun" Meyers.

Check out this exclusive film clip in which Jake and Jane run into each other at a restaurant and decide to sit down to dinner together for the first time since 1999—because (wink, wink) Jake obviously does not know how to be by himself.

So pour yourself a very dry Tanqueray martini (straight up, with a twist) and enjoy.


Check out nominee Meryl Streep looking glorious in our 2010 Oscars: Arrivals gallery.

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