Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum could make a trash bag look like straight-off-the-catwalk couture, so this fashion faux pas isn't going to turn us off from the German glamazon. Neither is the fact that she's walking the red carpet of that new J.Lo dud, The Back-Up Plan.

With her freshly cut 'do slicked back and face aglow, Heidi looks radiant. Minus, of course, that tacky too-tight mini dress. But we never claimed to be the Fashion Police, did we?

So what do you think of Heidi's glittery getup—does she make it work?

Not her best, we know.

But what's most surprising is who the designer of this mess is—none other than one of Heidi's Project Runway designer babies, Emilio Sosa. You read that right, this dress was actually the winning design from an episode of the Lifetime competition. My, we'd hate to see the losers.

Heidi knows her assets well—she's a Victoria's Secret alum, after all—and we love to see the muy sexy mama showing off her so enviable body, but we know she likes to do so in a classy manor.

And as much as this little number is trying to fake classiness, it's far more suited for one of Tiger Wood's mistresses than this megamogul.

Harsh, we know—but it's only because we expect more from H.Klum.

Kudos to the babe for not only talking the talk, but agreeing to walk the walk in one of her future designer's gowns. Tho, on second thought, we're sure the fact that she's so damn gorgeous she could pull off anything gave her a bit of confidence.

In retrospect, maybe that trash bag would have been a better idea?


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