First thing's first: No BlackBerrys were harmed in the making of this video. Television cameras, on the other hand, pretty much got served.

Naomi Campbell got into another one of her infamous misunderstandings this week, resulting in her giving some serious—and oh so condescending—stink eye to an ABC News producer, walking out of the interview, and then punching (yep) the video camera.

Which, everyone will be pleased to know, did not prevent it from recording the incident.

And while no context is really required in order to enjoy the video, here's something for the fact fans out there: Though she denies it, Naomi reportedly once dined with deposed African despot Charles Taylor, and allegedly accepted from the former Liberia president a massive blood diamond. Taylor is currently on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity, though Campbell has so far failed to cooperate with the international tribunal. So ABC News tried to get some answers from her.

The results…well, they pretty much speak for themselves.


Naomi's had quite the rap sheet. Catch up on her alleged crimes right here.

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