Michelle Obama

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"Oh no, the staff always does that."

—White House insider, when I asked (stupidly, naively?) if Michelle Obama ever goes to whip up Barack Obama a little homemade something in the White House kitchen. Ya know, like that shrimp linguine she says her hubby dotes on?

OK, maybe the question was sexist to begin with, like, I probably should have asked does the prez ever haul his butt down the elevator to get his woman some nice breakfast in bed, but alas, I didn't.

And for the record, our 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. know-it-all also blabbed that...

Ms. O. has always had considerable help around the house, and contrary to what Mrs. O. has claimed in certain interviews, "never cooks."

"She's very busy running that family, but she's just not that traditional kind of wife." Added our Potomac higher-up regarding the first lady, "she never has been."

And good for her! I say it's great to give the country (not to mention daughters Malia and Sasha) the notion that there are other ways to serve your family, not to mention your country, than killin' in the kitchen.

Should that be what you choose.


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