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With all the talk about the return of Glee and the show's innocent H'wood newcomers, it's easy to see why some classic bad boys have slipped under the radar, as of late. But we can help with that.

See, just because photogs are after the mellow starlets like Lea Michele doesn't mean that these bad boys have disappeared. In fact, Sean Penn and Scott Caan are still up to their slightly gruff, pumped, muscled ways...

Robin Wright's estranged ex was at Shutters at the Beach in Santa Monica, where he parked in the lobby bar by himself for an hour, busily typing on his phone. What's wrong, Seanny, stood up on a blind date or something?

Our sandy spy says the silver fox looked "totally" hot in jeans and reading glasses...oh, and his hair was ruffled, of course. Maybe he goes to the same stylist as Skarsgård?

Guess he got fed up, 'cause the double-Oscar winner left the hotel bar—but didn't go very far. When our source left an hour after Sean had exited, he was still outside, pacing the sidewalk and talking on the phone, what gives?

Personally, we hope it was some kind of date with Robin to discuss the kiddies or something, and that she kept her husband—who has treated her horribly, and we're not just talkin' at the Oscar podium—waiting for eons.

Try it on for size, man! Doesn't feel too good, does it?

Another rabble-rouser about town was former rap groupie and sometimes actor...

Scott Caan, who was dining at House Café on Beverly, looking "all beefy in a T-shirt and jeans," according to a fellow diner. Caan didn't seem too interested in his immediate surroundings, as he spent more time looking for which patrons might be looking at him, rather than addressing his dinner companion.

Caan, whose hair was moussed up and back within an inch of it's quasi-famous life, left the restaurant to talk on the phone and check on his German short-haired pointer. The dog was adorably waiting shotgun in Caan's bigass, late-model pickup truck. But please, don't think this dude has gone all sweet on us or anything:

S.C. checked his '50s-style kinda pompadour in the truck's passenger window before he found out how his pup was faring in the car. Hey, at least he wasn't dangling the poor creature by it's neck, à la Kim Kardashian, so, there's that good news.


Who else has been out on the town? Read more in our Caught! section.

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