Marie Osmond

Virginia Sherwood/NBC NewsWire via AP Images

One of Marie Osmond's questions has been answered.

Her son Michael Bryan did not have any drugs in his system when he committed suicide on Feb. 26, according to the final coroner's report released Wednesday.

The cause of death was determined to be multiple blunt trauma due to his jump from the roof of his Los Angeles apartment building to the street.

Toxicology tests came back completely negative.

Bryan, 18, spent time in rehab two years ago and suffered from depression according to his family. And apparently he'd been unhappy for some time before ultimately ending his life.

Per the coroner's report, his good friend Ruthann Clawson told authorities that he had tried to kill himself three times in the past by hanging.

He did not use illegal drugs, Clawson said.

The night he died, she told investigators, Bryan texted her at 9:23 p.m. that he had left a letter for her on his bed. When she got there, he was already dead.


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