LuAnn de Lesseps, Jacques Azoulay

Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Things are getting serious between Real Housewives of New York City star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and her French wine distributor boyfriend Jacques Azoulay.

"My love life is real good," de Lesseps gushed to me earlier this week. "You'll see me dating on this season, but now I have somebody I really like. It's not easy finding quality people, you know."

So how did they meet?

"He found me," de Lesseps said. "We were at a party in New York, and he took me by the hand and asked me to dance."

They went on a couple of dates before she jetted off for a trip to Europe, "but we've been tight ever since," she said. The countess and her husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps split after he revealed he had been cheating on her.

But whatever, de Lesseps also has a music career to look after these days. Remember when we told you all about the single she recorded, "Money Can't Buy You Class?" She still refuses to get catty about fellow singing Housewife, Kim "Tardy for the Party" Zolciak of Atlanta. "I'm not going to say," she laughed when I asked who had the better-sounding pipes. "Kim has her talents, and I have mine. It's apples and oranges...I mean, apples and peaches."


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