Alexander Skarsgard, VMAN Magazine, Robert Pattinson; Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

We've mentioned that True Blood and Twilight differ substantially in the Twitterverse, but now we can't help but notice a stunning similarity between two of our most fave bloodsucking hunks.

Robert Pattinson has been rockin' the bedhead, messy -chic look forever, and it has totally become one of his signature stud-characteristics, right Twi-hards? Messy hair is to R.Pattz what makeup is to Zac Efron—you never see one without the other.

Enter über-sexy Alexander Skarsgård, who's on the cover of fashion mag VMAN looking perfect as usual.

But doesn't something look awfully familiar here?

Alexander Skarsgard, VMAN Magazine

Yeah, baby! The Skars is channeling R's signature 'do, and the styled sex hair looks pretty different on the True Blood babe, we have to say.

Rob's hair always looks au natural, like Kristen just got done mussing it all up (like she does so well). And, admittedly, the sexiness of the no-shower look is something only R.Pattz truly knows how to pull off right now—so flawlessly, too.

As for the True Blood muffin, his hair looks way too stiff.

Take a cue from Rob and loosen it up, Skars! In fact, why not take a page from all that loose-lippin' stuff you've been pulling with Kate Bosworth and apply it to your damn moussed locks, huh?

That is, if you really want to compete with Rob for Best Vamp 'Do.

Learn from the best, man.


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