Crystal Bowersox, American Idol

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You can add "smart cookie" to the ever-growing list of talents for American Idol frontrunner Crystal Bowersox.

After all, no one wants to vote for a contestant who doesn't wholeheartedly want to be there, and now Crystal is downplaying the whirlwind reports she was thisclose to quitting American Idol.

So what's the real story behind her talk with Ryan Seacrest? Here's what Crystal just told us:

"I never intended on quitting. None of that [was true]," Crystal said of the reports claiming Ryan convinced her to stay on. "We had a conversation, but it definitely didn't go down the way that it has been portrayed as. We had a simple, civil conversation. Ryan gave me great advice. And I highly respect him. I am not mad at Ryan Seacrest. He is a great man. We just bumped into each other and had a good talk."

So just to be clear, those tears last night had nothing to do with her wanting to leave Idol?

No. "I was just looking at my dad the whole time, and the judges were kind to me, [so] I was a bit emotional," she told us.

And Crystal very much appreciates the family she's bonding with on the show. "These are lifelong relationships we're building here. This isn't just a show where, 'Hey, you're gone, we're never going to talk to you again.' We're all friends."

So it seems Crystal's not going anywhere unless America points its votes elsewhere, which isn't likely anytime soon.

Are you onboard the Bowersox express or has another Idol swept you away? Voice your support of the contestants in the comments, and tune into Idol Gives Back at 8 p.m. on Fox.


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