Ryan Gosling


When it comes to Ryan's über-gorgeous looks, the answer is an overwhelming yes, yes, and hell yes. We'd do Ryan Gosling no matter if he were well-groomed or grizzly—hell, we'd probably still do him in a fat suit. And gotta say, we're digging the suave Mad Men look he's rocking here.

But what about acting-wise? We know Rachel's ex has the chops, but what a career turn he's taking now. Stepping out on the set of his new, still-untitled flick opposite Steve Carell, we've got to wonder:

Would you be into Ryan as your go-to funnyguy?

Once again, we have to say...well, you get the idea. It's always an affirmative with anything involving Mr. Gosling!

The dude is obviously one of the most talented actors of the Young H'wood crowd, so we can't help but be excited he's willing to break out of his career comfort zone. He can only play the indie heartthrob for so long before the audience says been there, done that.

And we're sure he knows that, too.

For his first real comedy debut (unless you count the Mickey Mouse Club), Ry's picked quite the doozy. Steve Carell is a laughin' superstar, and with R.G. playing his BFF, it'll be quite the competition for mugging.

But we've got faith in Ry's talent, not just his abs.

Reminds us of James Franco—both hotties played drama for a long time before making the somewhat surprising switch to comedy, and J.F. held his own and them some next to heavyweight (we mean that in the comedic sense, obviously) Seth Rogen.

But worst-case scenario, hopefully Ryan's costumes will be almost exclusively sleeveless shirts. Hey, why can't he be funny and show off those muy delicious arms?


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