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For his 40th birthday, Latin superstar singer Luis Miguel gets a death rumor from the Internet.

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While a Netflix subscription would've been less morbid and certainly more useful, the by-all-reputable-accounts alive Miguel can at least take pleasure in his esteemed company.

Here's a roundup of the top five rumored-dead stars of 2010—so far:

1. Taylor Lautner: The Twilight star got offed in January—and has the Facebook tribute page to prove it. In a change of pace from the ole car-crash tale, a night of exotic dancers supposedly did him in.

2. Justin Bieber: When people get bored, this baby-faced pop star gets dead. Last summer, the story was that the teen singer had committed suicide. Then, as bad luck—and bad rumors—would have it, he "died" again in February.

3. Lady Gaga: This is the stuff that legendary pop stars are made of. Not only did Ms. Gaga hold her own against Elton John at the Grammys, she looked no worse for having been "killed" in a (what else?) car crash days before the ceremony.

4. Johnny Depp: OK, so, here's the rule, if you're ever reading a CNN.com "report" on an AngelFire page—an AngelFire page!—then your favorite movie star did not meet his untimely end along a French roadside.

5. Bill Cosby: Well, at least some good came of February's purported cyber-scam-driven death hoax, the entertainer's (funny) response, entitled, "Bill Cosby is NOT Dead." 

As for Miguel? The rumor over the weekend was that the Grammy winner had died from liposuction complications. Miguel's agent didn't respond today to an email seeking comment, but People en Español reports that Miguel may (or may not be) home from a hospital stay for an "alleged" liposuction-spawned bacterial infection. 

Miguel turns 40 today. And that, for once, is no hoax.


Stories set straight regularly here at Conspiracy Corner. And be sure to check the other living nondead in our Celebrity Death Hoax gallery.

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