This Just In: Lost Celebrates Finale With Parties, Panels and…an Orchestra?

Details on all the Lost finale celebrations; plus, sneak peeks from The Office and Glee

By Jenna Mullins Apr 19, 2010 6:50 PMTags
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Lost: In case you haven't heard, Lost is ending. Some of you have probably made peace with that. Others might be sobbing over a tearstained final cast photo. Either way, there is a ton of Lost merriment to be had before and after the big finale, including Jimmy Kimmel's ode to the end with an hourlong postshow special: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost. We have the details on the Lost-centric celebrations and which castmember may be skipping out on the festivities...

Jorge Garcia just might opt out of any finale-night celebration in favor of doing what the rest of the world will be doing that night: staying home.

"If they're pretaping stuff, I'm cool with that. But on finale night, I decided I want to lay low and be with close friends because it's a huge chapter in my life," Jorge told us. At least we know the end of this era is hitting the cast as hard as it's hitting us, because Jorge was getting a little choked up when we talked to him." I just want to face it there rather than face it on a national television show. I just want to take this one on my own." Jeez, between Jorge and Damon Lindelof tweeting this, the end is becoming very much a reality. No more hiding in blissful ignorance.

ABC hasn't officially announced any other events, but executive producer Carlton Cuse tweeted last week that there will be an event on May 13 at UCLA's Royce Hall called Lost Live: The Final Celebration. We'll get more details this week, but what we do know is that the penultimate episode will be screened that night and that several castmembers will be attending. Plus, the event will feature a live orchestra! Sweet. Tickets are not…hey, where you going? Come back! I said tickets are not on sale yet!

There will also be an event in NYC with Carlton and Damon on May 20 with the New York Times called TimesTalk, and there are rumored to be parties with celebrities and Lost castmembers taking place on the eve of the finale in both L.A. and in New York. Are you planning on throwing an End of Lost party, or on simply rocking back and forth while watching it alone? Hey, no judgment. We here at WWK will probably be the latter. The end begins May 23.

Glee: Tomorrow, Glee's ode to the material girl is upon us! The episode (and Chris Colfer) has been blessed by Madge herself, and I'm sure you've already checked out the sneak peeks. But just fyi, Ryan Murphy plans to crown Kurt and his new stud boyfriend king and king of prom next season. So, act surprised.

MTV: Aziz Ansari has been confirmed as the host of the nineteenth annual MTV Movie Awards. Fingers crossed that he brings DJ Roomba. And that it's playing something else besides Black Eyed Peas.

The Office: How come Dunder Mifflin never celebrated Secretary's Day when Pam was manning the phones? Oh well. Here's a clip from an all-new episode.


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