Alexander Skarsgard

Dome, Jones,

Someone should tell Alexander Skarsgård that if you don't want to be hassled by paparazzi, you shouldn't attend a music festival that has the highest celebrity-to-civilian ratio known to man.

Another hot tip: If you really want to avoid the long lens, don't date an actress who's arguably better known for her daily deluge of paparazzi style snaps than for her acting career.

In any case, photos emerged over the weekend of the True Blood star seemingly being restrained by cops while doing the Coachella thing, reportedly (as in reported by the paparazzi who took the pics, so grain of salt, etc.) after he'd had enough with the shutterbugs.

The story goes that Skarsgård grew upset when cameras continued to capture his every move with Kate Bosworth—who, incidentally, he's routinely denied is his girlfriend. Maybe this was one piece of photographic evidence too far?

It's unclear if the cameraman goaded him into a fight, whether his outburst was unprovoked, if he simply likes clenching his fists or whether the picture is misleading and that officer is just True Blood's biggest fanboy who cannot believe his luck.

Whatever the case, it couldn't have been that bad since no arrests were made.

Still, if Skarsgård was gonna get angry over the intrusive cameras, you'd think he would have reached his boiling point right about here.

What happens in Coachella doesn't always stay in Coachella.


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