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Among all the Robsten die-hards picking apart every paparazzi-captured moment and the Supernatural superfans that just can't get enough of the TV bros, we understand if you sometimes feel that your voice goes unheard in the comments section.

Fear not, that is why we love polls—everyone gets heard, right?

So it's that time again to crunch the numbers from our latest polls and report back on all the bitchin' and gabbin' you guys had to say on hanging out with Nikki Reed, Twilight overload, Demi Moore's body secrets and that 50 Cent semiscandal.

Now, listen up:

1. Forget Paris, you totally want to be Nikki Reed's BFF.
Looks like the bad girl of the Twilight series isn't so bad after all—at least not according to over half of you who would totally be down to chill with the mucho talented babe.

Admittedly, some of you are only using N.R. for some Robsten chat time, but others want to ask the chick to clear the air about those nasty Twi rumors (you know, the ones involving your beloved R.Pattz), her love/hate relaysh with those pesky paps, and that Greek bazillionaire boyfriend of hers.

Tho, Nik better hope one of the haters doesn't win the contest, or she's in for the verbal bitch-slapping of a lifetime. But Nikki fans, hope you like the picture on this post better than the last? See, I can be nice.

2. There can never be too much Twilight—or can there?
I guess fewer of you vamp lovers are as excited for The Short Second Life of Bree Turner as Stephenie Meyer bet her bank account on.

But at least 40 percent of you are still into the spinoff idea, so that should be enough to pad Meyer's wallet until she pops out another of the saga's endless sequels. While a lot of you seemed less than pleased with Bree, you're not about to give up on the vamp tales just yet—there's still that pesky Midnight Sun just waiting to reveal ultradreamy Edward Cullen's side of the story. We won't even bother polling you when that comes out—we already know 100 percent of you are dying to read it.

3. Put a fork in Demi. She's done.
Liar, liar—as one commenter says, "Demi, unlike your boy-toy hubby, we weren't born yesterday." More than 60 percent of you weren't buying Mrs. Kutcher's claim that she'd had zilch done to her über-angular face—many of you claiming that, no matter how fit mommy may be, there's no possible way she could look so bangin' at her age.

Tho, a lot of you didn't care that she'd had work done on her bod (it is H'wood, after all), you're just pissed she won't fess up to it! Don't expect her to anytime soon either, she's still riding high on that girl-power lifestyle that apparently doesn't go hand-in-hand with a little nip and tuck.

4. Was Rufus really that bad? Maybe just a little.
It was a pretty close call on whether Rufus Wainwright was out of line speculating that 50 Cent is gay—but in the end, more of you thought it was a big no-no on Ruf's part.

At least, that's what the numbers say—but the comments tell a different story. Must of you stuck up for the singer, saying of course he was just poking fun at the rapper. Hey, maybe he was, but what kind of damage could that do to Fiddy's career? He is a rapper and all.


People can't get enough Twilight. For real. Witness the Twilight Saga Stuff gallery.

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