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So what is the big scuttlebutt surrounding Rufus Wainwright's playful remarks that 50 Cent may be getting down with dudes? We polled you yesterday to figure out whether you thought R.W. was out of line, but the results were split fairly evenly.

Guess it's no big deal then, huh?

Not so fast. Sure, we said musicians like Ricky Martin have it easier (at least career-wise) coming out in comparison to their closet-case acting brethren. So if Fiddy, or the type, decided to be out and proud, the music rule holds up, right?

Hell no! Because 50 Cent isn't just a musician, he's a rapper. And apparently you can't be gay and on the hip-hop scene. At least not as a dude, that is. Sure there are a handful of bisexual babe emcees, but can you name even one guy?

Doubt it—there's that sneaky double standard again. While babes like Nicki Minaj—the female Lil Wayne, for those not in the know—can rhyme about getting freaky with boys and some girl-on-girl action, you'd be hard pressed to find a male rapper try the same trick.

With so much of the rap scene focused on "hos and bitches," is there any market for a rapper who talks about effing guys and still maintains his street cred? We're pretty sure that track wouldn't be most requested on 106 & Park.

But is it a problem only in the rap world, or music in general? Think of the last time you heard any musician specifically call out a partner of the same sex. Take Adam Lambert, for example, the latest GLBT success on the music scene.

Yeah, A.L. may embrace his sexuality in his persona, but his music is very ambi-sexual. Would it be so wrong to know—instead of just assume—that Adam is singing to another guy? Or would that be the death of a potential No.1 hit?

Jeez, I get sick of having to bring up this homophobic crap. But I will—until it changes.


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