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A positive outlook is such a powerful thing, doncha think? We suppose the guaranteed spot on tour and relief from staring at Simon's supple chest hairs every week also helps.

Last night was an emotional one for both Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia, as their American Idol dreams were promptly axed with a double elimination. Katie couldn't stop the sobbing and Andrew...well, he was more concerned for Lee's well-being, as you know they are totes bromantic.

But after talking with them today, we think these crazy kids are going to be just fine…

Andrew and Katie said they are looking forward to the tour and are both going to be working on albums. Andrew even made dreams come true for "Decia" (Dewyze/Garcia) fans around the world by saying that he and Lee Dewyze "hope to write a song on tour together." Squee! Will there be epic proclamations of undying friendship? Probably. "We find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time; it's really weird," Andrew laughed. "We say to each other, 'dude, we're meant to be!' "

Katie, ever the wholesome starlet, said her plans before the tour and her album making are to go home. "I'm definitely gonna go back home, hang out with my friends and keep up with school so that I can graduate and get my diploma." Hear that, kids? Stay in school. Regardless of her elimination, Katie said she did exactly what she came there to do: make her grandmother proud. "When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it really affected me, and I wanted to do something great that she could see while she still remembers me. I've accomplished my goal, which was to have her be proud."

With all this talk of albums, touring and being "blessed to make it this far," these two were acting like they weren't even kicked to the curb last night! "My mom said to me afterward, 'Katie, when you were at the stadium, if they told you, 'We're gonna let you be on the show, but you're only going to make it to the eighth spot' would you have done it?' and I said, 'absolutely,'" Katie proclaimed earnestly. Andrew got similar support from his 'rents: "They saw that I wasn't sad and bitter. I was happy, and they were happy with me."

So the fact that neither of them had a chance to be saved (the judges used their save on Big Mike Lynche last week) wasn't an issue last night? Nope. "They couldn't have made a better save," said Andrew. "That guy is a warrior." Katie also agreed that Mike was a good save, but she might have seen the writing on the wall because of it. "It was weird because I had this feeling that it was going to be me when I was standing next to him," she admitted. She had planned to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" next week, and Andrew had wanted to show off more of his acoustic twists on pop songs, but neither sounded less than 100 percent sure that they'd be back on the music scene.

"That wasn't the last time America is going to see me!" Katie promised when speaking on her final performance. And Andrew had one more thing to take care of before moving forward. Tying the knot with his girlfriend! "I'm still going to propose, but I don't know when!" he said excitedly. "I am for sure gonna marry her." I want in on that wedding party, only because it's probably a safe bet that Lee will be up there next to Andrew as best "brother for life" as Andrew repeatedly referred to him. Lee and I would look wonderful walking down the aisle together...


Before they said good-bye, Andrew and Katie repeatedly thanked all their fans and supporters for helping them make it this far. Do you regret not voting more for these two, or are you happy to see them go? Would you have enjoyed Katie's "Over the Rainbow" performance? Still gagging over us trying to find a couple name for Lee and Andrew? Well, you try it then! Head to the comments box right down there!


Lee and Andrew aren't the only ones indulging in a bromance. Check out our Bromances Gallery for more!

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