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Dear Ted:
Have you heard the latest about Eclipse? Apparently they have to reshoot a few scenes with Edward and Bella regarding the meadow and fight scenes. Isn't this a bit late, seeing as how Eclipse is going to open in a couple of months? What could this mean? Is it that Summit or the editors realized that they need more Edward and Bella scenes or that they just needed to add more? Should I be worried? I was really excited for Eclipse, but this news has made doubt it.

Dear No Surprise Here:
It's all up in there air right now as to what exactly is getting shot up in Vancouv, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the drama that is allegedly going down actually is. When has Summit ever had their act together? Especially when the Twi franchise is involved. I'd be worried—but more so based off the trailer than anything.

Dear Ted:
You said "I never said Nevis had a beard per se" in a B.B. yesterday. However, in a B.V. from about a month ago on Nevis, you said: "Only problem? He can't decide whether his beard or ex-boyfriend is the perfect fit for him..." That looked like a beard per se to me. So, could you please clarify this for us: Is Nevis' GF his beard or the real deal, and how does she get along with the ex-BF? Are they perhaps more of a triad than a couple? Because that would be...interesting. Anyhow, you're probably going to get tons of crap about this, sorry about that, don't let it get to you. We B.V. sleuths are kind of obsessive about the clues you give, and the beard comment from a month ago about Nevis seemed like a big clue.

Dear Caught!:
Nevis and his lady have a quite...complicated relationship. And as always with beards, there's different levels. Whereas folks like Toothy Tile have a top-notch, no-nooky gal, Nevis's sometimes-GF is in-the-know and in-the-action, but it's still up in the air who he prefers: this babe or his boy. We should all have problems like this.

Dear Ted:
Obviously Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart. But you've linked him in the past to Nikki Reed and Megan Fox. Also rumored is that he hooked up with Leighton Meester and Katy Perry. So my question is this, is Rob much more of a womanizer than any of us realize?

Dear Man Meat:
Well, the Rob and Leighton rumors have been debunked, but that doesn't mean Rob hasn't been quite the ladies man—he's definitely not as scared of the lady bits as he may joke, that's for sure.

Dear Ted:
You have done such a good job at disguising some of your Blind Vices so they are not so obvious to figure out. Brad Pitt, Oprah and Sandra Bullock are some examples. Is there any way you can give us a hint on any of the above three, preferably Brad Pitt? And when are you coming out with an update on Fake à la Ferocity, or has she rid herself of all her Vices?

Dear Hint, Hint:
, F à la F isn't kicking her nasty habits (far from it!), no matter how different she's appeared in public lately. As for those other folks, Brad likes boys and Oprah likes girls. Kidding!

Dear Ted:
The press loves to give nicknames to high-profile couples (Brangelina, Tomkat, Gyllenspoon, etc.), almost making the two people into one identity. I would love to know...have you ever given one Blind Vice nickname to a celebrity couple?

Dear Cute Couples:
You mean like Ohio-Off or Markella? Nothing has stuck yet, but most of these skanky stars are swapping partners so much it seems silly to waste time making up nicknames. Although Ohio-Off sure is growing on me.

Dear Ted:
What the deal with Brangelina? Seriously, are they in Venice to film The Happy Family on Balcony or what? I'm tired of them. In every blog you see hundreds of photos of those poor twins. Brad looks more and more like crap and Jolie even thinner. Is it the end of Brangelina, or is this just the beginning of the end?

Dear Brangelina Burnout:
Their superaggressive media takeover isn't convincing you what a happy couple they are? Angelina will be heartbroken to hear! But don't count Brad and Ange out yet—oh no, they'll be fighting this one tooth and nail for a while.

Dear Ted:
Just when I think I have your B.V.s down, I see hints here and there that throw me in a completely different direction. You're so sneaky! So here it is: First, is Buck Me Good Ryan Gosling? Second, if I'm wrong, how close am I as far as how established BMG is in H'wood? Is BMG more up-and-coming, or even bigger and more respected career-wise than R.G.? Thanks bunches!

Dear Bucking B.V.:
Nope, Buck hasn't gone indie like Gosling. BMG is all about the blockbuster hits.

Dear Ted:
Larry King
? Affair? Ewww. Is that even physically possible—Viagra being bad for his already bad heart, and all. Have you heard any gossip, other than the Enquirer, about this? Best to pups!

Dear Oh, Please:
King's been married, what? 367,000 times? You think dudes like that just get all domestic just because they get gray? Yeah, just like with Hefner. Also, King's a very good interviewer (much tougher than he lets on), which is often a sign of something still burning down below, even if it is drug-aided.

Dear Ted:
I have to admit it that I fell for Miley and Liam in The Last Song, and now I can't get enough goss of the two. Any juicy secrets? Spill!

Dear Fool In Love:
Plenty of dish on the duo—well, separately, at least. The canoodling couple hasn't been exactly shy with their relaysh, so what you see on camera is, for the most part, what you get. It's. Not. Going. To. Last.

Dear Ted:
So I have had a major girl crush on Sandra Bullock for a while, and I was interested in the sudden peak in questions about her B.V. Does it involve any relations with the fairer sex, or does Sandy love herself some manly men?

Dear Wrong Girl:
Sandy's about as interested in girls as Anne Heche is in women.

Dear Ted:
I'm a big fan and have written you before, so I really hope my email gets chosen. My question is, when exactly did this "hookup" between Rob and Leighton Meester supposedly happen? He's been overseas for months except for his brief return to promote Remember Me, and when he was here, Kristen was right there with him. Where do these tabs come up with this stuff? I know he's gorgeous and totally hot right now, but there should be a law against such stupid "reporting." This is why I trust only you!

Dear Check Your Calendar:
You're telling me, sister. Guess the tabloids should hire someone like you to keep track of the facts when they're making up stories about H'wood's latest hunk. You'd think they'd at least be able to figure out what continent the dude is on.

Dear Ted:
Since the Glee cast has so many members, there has to been some kind of romantic action going on behind the scenes, right? From several rumors that I've read, a couple of them weren't just platonic roommates. Any truth to this?

Dear Singing Sisters:
How very juicy—seems like a plotline right out of the sometimes-scandalous show. And come to think of it, I'd mucho rather see these two cuties swapping spit between a capella practices then the too-cute-they're-lame love links the characters have now. Where there's fire, there's often gleeful truth!

Dear Ted:
Johnny Depp
's hairline has been looking very suspicious these last few years. Is he another balding star who is hiding behind a hair weave?

Dear Hairy Situation:
I guess Disney should get cracking on that Captain Jack wig now then, huh?


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