Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel


What's a Hollywood couple to do when their rocky relationship is splashed on the cover of Us Weekly? Make a public appearance together, natch.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were in attendance at Matt Morris' show at The Mint in Los Angeles last night, arriving through the back door and attempting to prove that everything is just peachy keen in the land of TimberBiel.

If you need a recap of the Us story, some of the highlights include how J.T. supposedly makes fun of Jess to his friends; that Biel is superterritorial and pissed her man is working with ex Cameron Diaz; that Cammy and J.T. are totally flirting again; and that Justin is loving every second of the girls fighting over him.

Wow. OK. So what's really going on here?

"That's pretty overexaggerated," says a source close to the situation about the mag's claims. Still, exaggerated doesn't mean totally false.

Back when breakup rumors were heavy last October, we were told that Jess and Justin have a very on-off relationship, it being more off until the media got a hold of the story.

J & J were working apart last year, with Timberlake "looking single" as he partied away from his longtime ladylove, but the two appeared to have smoothed things over.

"They've been together for a while, it's not like you just cut someone out of your life unless something really bad happens," dishes our Timberlake source, alluding to the fact that there hasn't been something to completely tear these two apart.

Hmmm, let's just say Biel must be a very chill girlfriend then.

Still, don't get ahead of yourselves with Diaz and Timberlake reuniting other than professionally—for now. They may be flirty, but we're told Cammy and J.T. "are just friends."


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