Not only can exes Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson peacefully coexist in the same club, but now Linds is going out of her way to support her former girlfriend.

Last night, the actress headed to Bar210 in Beverly Hills, where Sam was spinning. "She was inside trying to get her attention," an insider tells me, although L.L. got unwanted attention of her own outside the lounge.

"Bad valet, lied about paps not being behind my car popping out like lil' gremlins," she wrote on her Twitter.

But of course Lindsay's tweeting rampage didn't end there...

Someone dared to tweet Sam and ask "Where the hits be?" And that led Linds to stand up for her (former) woman—she claims the bar was forcing SamRo to play outdated beats.

"For new club @210 to get a good dj like @samantharonson to play shit I used to hear when Dre, Jay, and Em 1st came out in "my day" &NOT THE the new hits*coz-she knows the brit mix I made her-kinda ruins the clubs atmosphere," Linds wrote. "She's an ILL DJ, ENCOURAGE IT."

Yeah, she's totally ill, so step off, haters.

In other Lindsay LOLhan news, she missed a deposition at her lawyer's yesterday. She had more important things to do, like shop. Priorities, people!

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