Live at American Idol: Anatomy of a Bromance Breakup

Tears are shed when one half of the show's best bud is sent packing

By Jenna Mullins Apr 15, 2010 4:38 AMTags
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Famous bromances: Brad and George. Matt and Ben. Simon and Ryan.

Lee and Andrew.

Alas, some bromances must come to an end. After one of these American Idolers was sent packin', can these two defy the odds and keep the friendship going long distance? Based on our firsthand look tonight at the emotional response from the man left standing, we think...


Plus, there's always the tour!

Tonight we bid adieu to Mr. Andrew Garcia (and Katie Stevens), and Garcia's brother in arms Lee Dewyze was none too pleased about the outcome. And it's here that we present the anatomy of a bromance breakup. Sad times, folks. Sad times:

• When Andrew's elimination was first announced, Lee dropped his head and looked lost throughout the rest of the taping.

• Everyone crowded around Garcia soon after...except Lee, who stood off to the side. (Must have been too painful.) The twosome got in a hug at the very end of the show, but during the goodbye video Lee just seemed like a sad little pup. We volunteered to console him, but were kindly denied.

• While Katie sang her final song, Andrew was brought back onstage for their video sendoff. While she performed, Lee kept trying to get off the couch to go over to his bud, but the stage manager intervened. (Don't you know you can't keep soul mates apart! See: Lost.)

• Lee looked so teary-eyed and distraught, a stagehand seemed to be comforting him postshow.

• To be completely honest, Lee seemed more upset his friend was leaving the competition than Andrew was to be going home. What a pal!

Other fun Idol notes:

Adam Lambert was the epitome of awesome. And that is how it's done, Idols. Take note.

We're not sure whose boots were fiercer: Brooke White's or Justin "Used to Date Miley Cyrus So That's Why I'm Here Now" Gaston's?

Crystal Bowersox kissed her necklace after she found out she was saved. What's on it?

Someone in the pit asked for Casey James' number. Next week, I'm going for Lee. Don't try and stop me!

Did the right duo go home tonight? Are you already lining up to buy your tickets to the Idol tour starring the bromantic stylings of Andrew and Lee? Let us know below.


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