She miraculously survived another week on Dancing With the Stars. She wants fans to know she's "so appreciative" (and not nearly as full of backstage drama as the gossips would have you believe).

She doesn't hate Jon, or at least not that she'll admit to; not only is she aware that her kids will inevitably catch wind of what she says, but her parenting skills are under enough scrutiny as it is.

She doesn't have the best track record with her coif. "The honest truth," she wants you to know, "is I care so much less about my hair than everyone in America, obviously."

She sees cohosting in her future. She wants Ryan Seacrest to know she's not after his job. Well, let's just say "Seacrest out!" may soon be her catchprase, too.

That's right, Kate Gosselin stopped by the E! studios today, and dished to our own Giuliana Rancic about (almost) everything we could have hoped for. Here's the scoop:

First of all, give the girl credit for awareness—the world's spent the better part of the last year smack-talking her and her mothering skills (or perceived lack thereof) and not only is she aware, she's more than willing to take on her critics.

"I want to be at home with my kids...if I was financially able to do so, you would never see me again," she said. (Hear that, haters? Enough of you buy Gosselin's new book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family, and you may be able to get rid of her once and for all.)

"Eight is a daunting number. I have to do it. I do feel like the criticism is so unfair, because working moms out there...we have to, I have to work.

"I don't take work because I want to. I weigh it. And I say, gosh, that's gonna pull me away from the kids. That's the part I hate. The part I love is that I can rely on myself to provide for them as a single mom if need be."

And that holds true even for her more fun gigs, like DWTS. Though it's safe to say she wasn't totally aware of what she was in for.

"I thought I was signing up for how to dance...I ended up signing up for a mental and physical battle. It does change your life."

She also said that the fan support has left her "flabbergasted" but that, no, she doesn't vote for herself—she does, however, have eight speed-dialers unashamedly covering that at home.

As for the experience, she says, "You learn so much about who you are and your perseverance and your stamina."

Not to mention your partner, who, in Gosselin's case, is fellow fit-thrower Tony Dovolani.

"I feel bad some days for what I hand him," she admits, while adding that reports of a rift between the duo are absolute nonsense.

"There's drama between every couple. There is no drama beyond the usual."

Speaking of drama, Gosselin said that for her kids' sake, she will never speak ill of Jon—particularly not in her new book, which she is currently making the rounds to promote.

"My kids are gonna have access to this. I want to always make sure that my words are appropriate for them to read and to see, and I don't feel like I need to shadow or cloud their view of anything.

"The life that we live, the words that we speak and the example that we are speak for themselves. I don't know in any way, shape or form what the future holds, and I just live one day at a time."

By herself.

"I am alone. There's no one there to bounce things off of. There's no one there to help me out. My kids come first, end of story."

So any potential suitors might want to hold off for the time being.

"If ever I have time and if ever my knight in shining armor presents himself, possibly, but I don't really have time in my schedule now," she said of the possibility of a love life. "It's not on my calendar: Find man, go on date."

So what is on her calendar, say, 10 years from now?

"My hope and my dream would be first of all that my kids are healthy, happy, well-adjusted, great kids, which I know they will be...Careerwise, I would love to do cohosting somewhere to some degree."

At a loss for a possible future venue, Giuliana kindly took the opportunity to suggest Gosselin take over for our own Ryan Seacrest. (Hey—he's not exactly hurting for employment.)

"Oh my gosh!" Kate said. "I don't know how Ryan would feel about that. I'm not really into pushing people out of their chairs."

That's OK. As she said herself, Giuliana would probably be more than happy to do the heavy lifting on that one.

Other things Kate's just not that into? The gazillion and counting magazine covers dedicated to her every split end.

"The honest truth is I care so much less about my hair than everyone in America, obviously. Rarely will I have an opinion or an idea. People care so much."

Yes, Kate. Yes they do.


Catch the full interview with Kate tonight on E! News at 7 & 11:30 p.m.

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