Chris Rock, Death at a Funeral, Chloe Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass

Screen Gems, Lionsgate

Is Kick-Ass going to rule the weekend, or are its amateur superheroes gonna get their asses kicked?

The buzzed-about flick opens this Friday, and the anticipation has felt palpable for weeks. But is that because the vigilante story strikes a chord with audiences, or is it because people like talking about a precocious tween who swears like crazy while wielding a Benchmade 42 butterfly knife?

We only ask because this same Friday, Death at a Funeral hits theaters with its solid trifecta of comediens, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan (!), and we wonder if Hit Girl can take them on by herself.

Oh yeah, and Clash of the Titans and Date Night are still playing. Maybe one of those is at the top of your list instead? Maybe?

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Movie Poll! April 15, 2010
Which movie's gonna get you in theaters this weekend?


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