Nadya Suleman

If you thought Nadya Suleman would go away once she gave birth to those eight kids, you were sorely mistaken. The Octomom is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Her giggly, head-spinning appearance on The View was just the beginning.

The mother of 14 is set to arrive on The Oprah Winfrey Show next Tuesday, her attorney Jeff Czech told the Orange County Register, and she'll be making a brief cameo in a skit on Fox's Idol Gives Back special the following evening.

Oprah's crew visited Suleman's home in La Habra, Calif.—the very one she runs the risk of losing—in order to take a real-life look at how she manages.

"They were essentially filming the nitty-gritty," Czech said. "She pretty much had a camera in her face the whole time."

As for the interview, the mega mom headed to a Los Angeles studio to film the chat with Winfrey remotely. The conversation, Czech claims, left few stones unturned.

"A lot of straight talk about surviving as the mother of 14," he described. "Some hardballs…no beating around the bush."

Negotiating an appearance fee didn't enter the equation—the mega mom supposedly didn't earn a much-needed dime for the gig.

Meanwhile, Suleman can prep for the upcoming screentime in the comfort of her very own home.

Attorney Jeff Czech tells E! News that he has negotiated a "six month extension of the balloon note to enable Nadya to explore her options with the house." A $450,000 balloon payment was due March 10 and the legal owner of the house threatened to start foreclosure proceedings when Suleman didn't pay up.

—Additional reporting by Lindsay Miller


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