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Admit it. You thought you'd hate Lea Michele's new love interest, Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James), but it turns out he is such an industrial-size fan magnet, you may have found yourself drooling right up on your TV screen before he finished Lionel Ritchie's "Hello." (Or, um, was that just me?)

The power of the Groff helped lift Glee to its best-ever ratings last night (up 46 percent to 13.6 million!), and boss Ryan Murphy tells me, "I have to admit I'm a little bummed I made his character a senior, because I'd love to have Jonathan around next year."

So does that mean Jesse and Rachel don't stand a chance? And what are the chances of all the show's couplings—Finn and Rachel, Jesse and Rachel, Artie and Tina, Will and Emma, Will and Sue (yes, you heard me!)—ending up together this season? Here's the dish from Murphy and the stars themselves...

As you can see in the video above, Artie and Tina are sounding like a sure thing ("90 percent chance!"), Finn and Kurt are a "losing bet" per Chris Colfer, and Finn and Rachel are "not a terrible bet," according to Cory Monteith. Meanwhile, Lea Michele is packing her bags and planning to move to Utah with all three of her boys: Cory, Jonathan and Mark Salling (Puck). Atta girl!

More important, though, is this little bomb that Ryan Murphy dropped to me: "I think there's three relationships that are the corner of the show. Finn and Rachel, of course. I think Will and Emma, for sure.  And that's very on and off this year in the back nine. And then I think..."

Wait for it...

"Will and Sue. We do a very interesting episode where Matt [Morrison] seduces Jane Lynch. He does 'Tell Me Something Good' by Chaka Khan and tries to get her to fall in love with him."

Of course, he has ulterior motives. "He does it so Sue will leave the glee club alone," Murphy explains. "And then he breaks up with her and tries to destroy her. But she gets her revenge. I think he's just done getting pushed around by Sue, but they had great fun with that."

And we shall have great fun watching it, 'cause it sounds hair-raisingly good.

Now, if you want to hear the scoop on Lady Gaga, Idina Menzel's character, Olivia Newton John and more, check out the video below, where I wrestle (no, really, I thumb-wrestle Matthew Morrison!) the cast and executive producer Brad Falchuk to get scoop on the rest of the season...

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