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Just when you thought there were no Gosselins left to get dragged into the spotlight...

Pennsylvania state Rep. Thomas Murt wants to make sure the buck stops at the Plus 8 and, as a result, is dragging a slew of Kate Gosselin's relatives into court to ensure that no more kids are exploited by the big bad basic cable companies. At least not under his watch.

His intent is to rack up as much testimony as possible about the impact being in movies and on television has on kids as part of an ongoing legislative hearing on state child labor laws—with which the Gosselins are all too familiar.

It's unclear why Kate and Jon Gosselin won't be testifying, as theoretically they would have the most insight into the circumstance the politico is hoping to prevent, but keeping track of who's who in their ongoing game of good-parent, bad-parent is keeping them plenty busy for the moment.

Not that it's only going to be a Gosselinpalooza in the courthouse this week. Really, it was only a matter of time before defense attorney to the stars mistresses anyone in the vicinity of a camera got involved, and she's yet again managed to finagle herself into some column inches: That's right, Gloria Allred will also be taking the stand.

But that's not all that's going on at the courts. Either through a stroke of genius or sheer dumb luck (our money's on the latter), Jon just might have found the perfect way to test his latest pet parental theory, thanks to a so-perfect-it-could-have-been-scripted coincidence with Dancing With the Stars.

A judge this week set a hearing date of May 25 for his latest tête-à-tête custody clash with Kate, the very same day as this season's finale of the reality hit.

Delusions of grandeur aside, judging by her performance hit rate, Kate is unlikely to find herself competing in the finale, though she is expected, as all DWTS contestants are, to participate in it. So will she prove Jon wrong and choose prime time over courtroom face time? Sadly, we'll never know. Thanks to the time difference between a Pennsylvania courthouse and a Los Angeles soundstage and these newfangled things called direct flights, Gosselin can safely be in two places at (almost) the same time.

Back to scheming, Jon.


Will Kate make it another week? We'll find out tonight. In the meantime, catch up on her highs and lows—but mostly lows—right here.

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