Sex and the City 2 Gets Ridiculous New Poster

Every lady's most anticipated film of the summer just keeps getting more over-the-top fairy tale-like...

By Jennifer Cady Apr 13, 2010 4:32 PMTags
E! Placeholder Image

And you thought the teaser poster was overrated.

But that's the thing about Sex and the City—it just keeps getting more and more fantastical and outlandish, yet we still can't wait to see it.

This feeling happened with the trailer, too. Thin plot that includes a way-too-coincidental Aidan run-in? Yeah, sure, makes no sense, but still can't wait to see it! (Please just none of this.)

Now it's happening with this latest movie poster. Sarah Jessica Parker's just strutting through sparkle sand in her fancy designer dress and big strappy sandals, totally relatable and the reason we all loved the show in the first place. Still, only six more weeks!


Go back to where it all began: E! and Style will be running all six seasons of the Sex and the City series starting January 2011.