Jersey Shore, The Situation, Pauly D

MTV/ Scott Gries/Picture Group

The Joisey peeps are taking the party to Bahstan.

A Jersey Shore spinoff is in the works called Wicked Summer, which will take place in the sultry climes of Beantown rather than on the sandy beaches ringing the land of GTL, E! News learned Monday.

"Jersey Shore is its own groundbreaking series," says Doron Ofir, the casting director for both shows. "Wicked Summer is being developed more as a docusoap."

But just because the setting is heading north, don't think the subject matter is going highbrow.

"We're giving Massachusetts the chance to show the world why Bay Staters have got the hottest girls and proudly buff guys who believe in God, family, politics, sports, beer and partying!" Ofir says.

The open casting site for Wicked Summer says that producers are looking for "blue collar, hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good looking Mass natives from all over the state."

Plus, you "share a love for muscle cahs, hair products and littlenecks on the frickin' halfshell. You don't take s--t from nobody—least of all each othah."

Sweet. We can only wait for the crossover ep, when Snooki makes clam chowdah out of Sweet Caroline, or whoever they get for this new venture.

One Wicked Summer hasn't secured a network home yet, but production is set to begin in mid-July. The second season of Jersey Shore makes its premiere splash July 29 on MTV.


Do you think Wicked Summer will catch on in Hollywood the way Jersey Shore did last year?

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