Mean Girls, Video Game Cover

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This is so not fetch!

An upcoming game based on the movie Mean Girls is due out this summer for the Nintendo DS. The cover looks just like the movie's advertising…except for one rather glaring omission.

The Plastics—Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert—are all accounted for, but that's it. No Lindsay Lohan.

Yikes! That's worse than cutting strategic holes in gym clothes!

Per the press release, in the game, players "follow the misadventures of Cady from Jingle Bell Rock to the school prom" and face "jocks, art freaks and mathletes" to become prom queen, so where's Cady herself?

Lohan's MIA status from the box art has nothing to do with her real-life misadventures. (Now that's a game we'd love to play.)

Instead, the game was licensed from Paramount and apparently the use of Lohan's mug would have been prohibitively expensive.

Besides, the game, due out June 1, doesn't actually include the likenesses of Lohan or her cohorts.


Mean Girls was totally the heyday of La Lohan. See other celebs in their finer hours in our Stars at Their Hottest gallery!

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