AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

Hips don't lie and neither do actions.

Shakira has a hot date in Port au Prince, Haiti. She's meeting with Sean Penn and a slew of child survivors of the January earthquake.

The "She Wolf" singer stopped by the planned site of her Barefoot Haiti school Sunday and danced with several of the kids before touring a campsite with nearly 50,000 lodging on a golf course.

"We've come to make all the preparations to be able to start the building of a Barefoot school here in Haiti," she told Reuters. "Education is one of the fundamental tools with which to develop and rebuild Haiti."

The star's Barefoot foundation already supplies nutrition to more than 6,000 children in her native country.

Penn continues to get his hands good and dirty helping out.


We love good excuses like this one to update our Do-Gooder gallery!

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