Jessica Simpson


Courtney Love and Jessica Simpson may seem like an unlikely duo, but then again, Courtney Love paired with just about anyone can seem unlikely.

The Hole singer took to her Twitter account over the weekend to gush about her new, "hawt as hell" gal-pal. "'SExual Napam' BONDED!" she declares.

Not surprisingly, Jess, who doesn't much care for being referred to as "sexual napalm," hasn't responded.

"Hopefully I won't say anything stupid but I have a serious ?," Courtney writes in a direct tweet. That's when things start to get Love-ly (read: weird)...

"1 your really hot and ive always thought you were a very hardworking pop singer who deserved success. thats primary," says Love, who like Simpson has been linked to Billy Corgan. "Your deaf friend used to live downtown and have really loud sex with my friend btw he was cute ! but but but why the HE:LL do you chew Nicorette gum and are addicted to it yet have never smoked in yr life? Dude i do blonde things too."



Words to the wise: Don't always try to live in a tiny Twitterverse—see the Big Picture.

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