Sex and the city 2 teaser poster

Warner Bros.

As we told you a few weeks ago, mum's the word when it comes to sexing and telling about the new Sex and the City movie.

Since the cast basically has a $2.5 million talking bounty on their heads, we weren't all that surprised that one of the big reveals didn't happen until just as the trailer was released last week.

Yes, Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) is back! So will he be causing some trouble in Carrie's world?

It would make sense that Sarah Jessica Parker would want to get frisky on her girls' trip with her ex-fiancé considering that she and Big aren't exactly having the best sex life, but we don't think that will be the case.

From what we're hearing about SATC 2, the flick isn't all about sex. What?!

"This movie isn't so much about hot sex as it is more about female empowerment," dishes a source from the set. "There will be less action."

We're all about female empowerment. Really, that's what made this show a hit in the first place! But can't we have both?

Count on Samantha to have her romps, per usual. As we told you before, Max Ryan (the man on the camel in the trailer) plays a love interest of Sam's—that we know—and a few other gentlemen callers have been blabbing to the press about being Kim Cattrall's main squeeze in bed, too.

Still this is to be expected. We just hope her onscreen friskiness isn't taken down a notch 'cause the other gals will be family focused.

Tell us, how are you all feeling about this Sex sequel? The second trailer is so much better than the first that we're starting to get way excited again. Guess that's the whole point.

SATC2 is rated R, 'course, so there had better be some hot nudity! Gilles Marini (who unfortunately won't be back) certainly set a high standard last year that's for sure.

So...guys, you groomed and ready? Damn well better be.


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