Holly Madison

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Holly Madison fans rejoice—especially those of the horndog variety!

The blond bombshell tells us she will pose for Playboy again.

"Maybe not right away because I was just on the cover last year," Madison says. "Maybe get a little bit of time in between, but I also don't want to be one of those superold ladies who needs a ton of Photoshop either."

In fact, she has quite the opinion about women of a certain age stripping down for the nudie mag…

"Here's my pet peeve," Madison says. "It's when people pose for Playboy and they're like, 'Blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to show that fortysomething-year-olds could be beautiful,' but then it's like all Photoshopped anyway...Sometimes the pictures don't even look like photographs. It looks like it came from the same people who brought you Shrek."

Madison's not naming names, but she says celebrities are usually the ones getting cleaned up in the pics. "Playmates don't need retouching because they're picked for what they look like," she explains. "But a celebrity pictorial will come out and you're like, 'That just walked out of a video game because it doesn't even look like a photo.' "

Madison knows what it takes to maintain her Playmate body. "I'm lucky [Peepshow] keeps me in pretty good shape, but I do love junk food," she admits. "I eat half junky and half healthy…I love french fries and also cake, but my favorite is chicken fingers. I love late-night chicken fingers with barbeque and ranch dressing mixed together."

Meanwhile, Madison recently spent some time with ol' Girls Next Door pal Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. She's still the same Kendra, but Madison has definitely witnessed a shift. "When Kendra started seeing Hank, even before I knew about Hank or had met him, I noticed a change in her," Madison says. "She became more comfortable with herself. She's a lot more caring and a lot more censored. She and Hank are so perfect for each other."

What's perfect for Madison? Politics! She says she wants to get involved with Las Vegas city politics and "I want to be mayor in, like, 10 years."

Democrat or Republican? "I definitely lean towards one party, but I really hate all the bickering that's going on," says Madison, whose new reality show Holly's World premieres on E! in June. "I hate party politics, so I would never claim any party. You watch CNN and all it is is people fighting—not over issues, but over partisan politics. It's ridiculous."


Speaking of politics, Michelle Obama is one fashionable first lady. See for yourself in our Obama Fashion Spotlight photo gallery.

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