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Alec Baldwin found time in his busy schedule to take a solo vacay to Barbados, that lucky dude. After all, he was one of the only funny things about the Oscars, right? Deserves a bit of R&R, no?

The 30 Rock star was spotted at the Bridgetown Airport looking moist. Too moist, actually. Gosh, wonder who—or what—got the man who was brave enough to strip all the way in It's Complicated all hot 'n' bothered...

Says a fellow traveler:

A.B. was chowing down at the Island Grill Food Court, looking so overheated and sweaty. No joke!

Wonder what spicy dish Alec-babe was shoveling down to get that perspiration look, which has started to come so naturally to the aging beauty?

We really mean the beauty part, though—we think Alec has become, like, way sexier since he's sort of let himself go. When you meet Baldwin in person, there's something rather charming about the Emmy winner. One almost forgets what rude phone manners he has!

However, Baldwin was nothing but nice to fellow passengers at the Barbados airport where he was catching an American flight to JFK.

Baldwin was wearing black sunglasses at the gate and reading the new issue of Vanity Fair, spills our onlooker. He was "really friendly" to everyone around him and was making silly faces at a baby at his gate.

Cute! But why on vacay all alone, A.B.? We're sure you could have found a fun travel companion.

More stars living the good celebrity life were...

Khloé Kardashian Odom and Zac Efron, who were spotted picking up a free gift just because, well, they're more fabulous than we are! So what did the notorious Lakers fans get with playoffs right around the corner?

Zac and Khloé are the first to get their hands on a pair of the limited edition Skullcandy NBA Mix Master headphones, how very Sarah Palin of them!

Let's hope each babe picked up an extra pair for their respective significant others. Especially Zac, who's supposedly more in love than ever with GF Vanessa Hudgens. Cute and all, but we just don't think these babes will last, or are we missing something here?

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Kate Alper


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