Gossip Girl: Will Chuck's Gigantic Gesture Win Blair Back?

It's Dorota's wedding day and wayward Chair is still on the outs. Take a look at six sneak peeks, plus scoop from the bride-to-be

By Megan Masters Apr 09, 2010 10:16 PMTags

The big day has finally arrived, Gossip Girl fanatics. No, Chuck and Blair are not back together yet—they just split up! We're of course referring to Dorota's wedding. The Waldorfs' beloved go-to gal, played to perfection by Zuzanna Szadkowski, is getting hitched this Monday, and it's all the doing of one Chuck Bass.

If the Empire Hotel owner can make Dorota's dreams come true, will Blair forgive her nefarious ex-lover? Doesn't look likely based on the five sneak peeks below, but we just so happened to chat up Zuzanna, and what we are hearing about C & B is promising...

"Dorota's a big champion of everything that makes Blair happy, and she's a huge fan of Chuck and Blair, so she holds that hope for them to reconcile some of the sad stuff that happened last episode," she tells us in a totally accent-free voice—which, to be honest, was a bit of a shocker.

Lest we forget and only focus our energy on wayward Chair, this is Dorota's special day. "I'm a big, pregnant bride!" Zuzanna announces with a laugh. "Chuck and Blair and Eleanor and Cyrus and the whole crew come together to make this incredibly fabulous, pretty large-scale event. There's a lot of Gossip Girl fabulousness. It's flowers and glamour and it's definitely a big party!" And surprise! You can see a little of what she's talking about below.

The nuptials bring big things for other GG characters too, including Eric's new boy-toy ("He has a sprouting romance, so something will play out with them during the course of the ceremony"), Little J's home-wrecking ways ("Jenny is into stirring the pot with Nate and with Serena, so there's an awful lot that will happen over the next few episodes"), and the presence of a muy importante musical number (Leighton Meester's new single, "Your Love Is a Drug," plays during the ep).

Enough from us. Feel free to peruse the clips below, then give us your fabulous feedback.

Don't miss the Gossip Girl goodness this Monday at 9 p.m. on the CW.


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