Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men

Greg Gayne/CBS

Charlie Sheen wants to set the record straight on a couple of things.

One: He was not behind the speculatory scuttlebutt that caused CBS' programming execs to go prematurely gray earlier this month, and reports of his leaving were definitely not some sort of genius negotiating tactic to scare the network into giving him more money for next season.

And two: He's kind of OK with peacing out of the sitcom biz.

So why clear things up now? Well, he didn't exactly have a choice…

Tonight, Sheen & Co. will film this season's finale, and as he will have successfully completed all the terms of his current contract with the show come the taping's end, he is under no obligation to return for another season.

"Much speculation and rumor has arisen from my current status surrounding Two and a Half Men," he told People. "All of the numbers reported in the press are false. Claims from 'inside sources' regarding offers from the studio as well as my salary, on their best day, are without merit. Approaching the start of the current season and as far back as June '09, I submitted my terms for season eight to Warner Bros. and CBS respectfully."

Both CBS and Warner Bros. have so far declined to comment.

"Both parties have known the score for over a year. In no way has this been a hasty or negligent eleventh hour surprise," Sheen continued. "I offer this information out of love and respect to my crew, my on-set family, my writers, executive staff, as well as my real family, my dear friends, and my loyal fans.

"If tonight's show is the end for me as Charlie Harper, so be it. Another journey has begun. I take from the experience 161 shows filled with a kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, memories, friendships and gratitude. I remain humbly inspired."

And, quite possibly, newly unemployed.


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