David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Bones

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Seems like only yesterday we discovered just how interesting skeletons could be. Well, with eye candy David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel on the case, how could you not watch? And watch we did for 99 episodes, which brings us to the mighty 100th. You may have heard about it. The episode, directed by David himself, flashes back to when Booth and Brennan first met, and perhaps, we get a moment we've all been waiting for?

Well, according to the stars and producers themselves, that depends on exactly what you've been waiting for...

"The 100th is really a finale in itself," executive producer Barry Joseph said at the Bones 100th Episode Party. Creator Hart Hanson is fully aware that viewers have been anxiously anticipating this. "It was a big deal. We knew that David was going to be directing it. We knew it was the 100th episode, and we knew we had to do something big. So, it was like the perfect storm."

So what kind of aftermath does this perfect storm bring?

"Well, they (Booth and Brennan) have to deal with that moment. It affects both their personalities—what they went through. Can I be any more cryptic?" laughed Hart. Why yes, you could be. And we thank you for giving us a little dish. Anything else?

"The rest of the season deals not just with the two of them, but with how their lives affect everyone else," Barry added. "The season finale is the payoff for the 100th episode. It's a big deal and a big payoff," Hart promised earnestly.

They also talked wedding bells on Bones! Well, we think that's what they were talking about. "There's a little confetti in a Styrofoam cup. That's all I can say," teased Barry. "I can't give away anything more than that. Giving away the Styrofoam cup is huge!"

Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Bones

Greg Gayne/FOX

David and Emily also gave similar tidbits on the rest of the season after the monumental moment in tonight's episode. "It changes things a little bit, but doesn't put a major crux in it," David said. "Obviously, we'll see the two of them grow in certain areas, and the season finale, which we just shot, is a great ending." Whoa, let's come down from the 100th episode, then we can talk the finale, which we learned from leading lady Emily is "pretty huge in a different way."
"There are big changes, and decisions are made that affect the future for Booth and Brennan, but also the future for other characters as well," she said. "It puts next season in the air, and a lot of things could be very different from what we know on Bones."

And since we here at WWK love one-word clues for our favorite shows, we asked the Bones gang to describe the finale themselves in just one term. Here's what we got: "change" (Emily), "upheaval" (Carla Gallo) and "unresolved" (John Francis Daley). T.J. Thyne had a little too much fun with the project, offering up both "tantalizing" and "titillating" before I had to stop him. Way to follow directions, Teej.

The stars of the show were all excited and very proud of making it to 100, each giving praise to one another and affirming that they are so lucky to be apart of the show. While other shows are dealing with lawsuits, Bones castmembers are just enjoying what they've accomplished.

"To think about all the episodes I've shot, it's kind of bizarre," David says. "Maybe one day I'll take a step back and I'll think to myself, 'Let's see...100 episodes on Buffy, 100 on Angel, 100 on Bones.' I've been very fortunate to do three great shows." And we are fortunate to have seen you, oh handsome one.

Not that we have to tell you, but just in case you need reminding, do not miss tonight's episode of Bones on FOX. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the big (and brilliantly done) scene between Booth and Brennan. And congrats to the cast and crew! Here's to 100 more episodes!


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