Lindsay Lohan

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Even though Lindsay Lohan wants to "vomit" at the thought of her dad Michael marrying Kate Major, she's not about to let that get in the way of her signature club-hopping.

Hollywood's resident party girl was out once again last night. First up was a Nylon magazine party at Trousdale in L.A. Just how crazy did things get? Read on for the details...

Not very crazy at all.

She spent most of her time with an assistant and a couple of close pals. When fans approached her table, she very politely asked them to skedaddle. "Thank you for saying hi, but I just want to hang out with my close friends," she said to several partygoers.

And we are very happy to report that we didn't catch Lohan downing any of the free vodka being passed around like water.

She later made her way to the Tea Room in Hollywood. "Lindsay didn't have anything to drink at the Tea Room," a source tells us. "She came to hang out with the owner, who is her friend. She was dancing and mingling with friends and was on really good behavior." LiLo reportedly called it a night around sunrise at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Also at the Nylon party were Mischa Barton, Bridget Marquardt, Eli Roth with girlfriend Peaches Geldof, and a Doug Reinhardt-less Paris Hilton, who hung out with Glee sexpot Mark Salling.


Speaking of Glee, did you hear what Lea Michele is doing for animal rights? Check it out right here.

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