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Hey, Jon Gosselin says he's the more hands-on parent. He never claimed he's the better communicator.

Responding to Jon's hastily filed petition for primary custody of his and Kate Gosselin's eight kids, Kate's attorney tells E! News that the filing Jon's camp put together is full of holes.

"We just [received] a copy of the filing today," said lawyer Mark Momjian. "It's hard to really understand it. 

"We think that the filing is incoherent on a number of levels. Number one, I don't even know where Jon Gosselin lives. The first thing he's supposed to do is list his address and he conveniently ignores that."

It's sort of like spelling your name wrong on the SATs or something…

Momjian says he will be filing his official response either Thursday or Friday and that he's confident a judge will shoot down Jon's claim.

"We do think it is a seriously flawed filing that the court will ultimately dismiss," he said. "We're going to file a response to it and go through the proper legal channels. Our response is going to highlight loudly and clearly why we think this petition is flawed."

Aside from the missing address, Momjian wouldn't detail what else is supposedly rotten in Denmark, but he did say that he finds it odd that Jon is making his custody move just as Kate has again become a hot topic thanks to her antics on Dancing With the Stars.

"The timing is unfortunate," Momjian said. "It speaks volumes as to what we're really dealing with here. Kate is a completely and totally devoted parent and obviously has a huge following in terms of what's going on with Dancing With the Stars.The timing of this is what it is. I think anyone objectively looking at this is going to react with a jaundiced view of it."

Jon and Kate's eight have been living full time at the family roost in Pennsylvania, under the care of nannies if Kate's traveling when it's her time to take care of them.

"Kate is a wonderful mom and the kids are doing fabulously," Momjian added. "And why shouldn't they be? That's just the way Kate has always been with her children and will continue to be."

(Originally published, 4/7/2010 at 3:48 p.m., PDT)


These two were a happy-looking couple once upon a time, before things got nasty.

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