Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

Hector Vallenilla,

The more I hear about Jesse James, the more I wonder: What in creation did Sandra Bullock ever see in him? Didn't she see the same warning signs we all saw?
—Lovey, Austin, via the Answer B!tch inbox

Well, if she did, Sandra Bullock didn't exactly share them with the planet.

Long before Michelle "Bombshell" McGee blasted what appears to be an irreparable hole in their marriage, Jesse James and Bullock were celebrated by the media as an "unlikely" couple.

But if you dig deeper, you'll see that these two had more in common than you may think, including a few similarities that may surprise you...

Early in her relationship with James, Bullock wouldn't talk about the budding romance, instead telling People magazine that she wanted stories on her to focus on her work. "There's a reason they call it private life," she quipped.

But that eventually changed. Here's what she apparently saw in James, as well as some interesting commonalities:

James, apparently, didn't try to remake Bullock or criticize her faults. "Thankfully I married someone who loves me just the way I am—and all the nuttiness that goes into me," Bullock told In Style.

He made her reconsider her stance on kids. Again, per Bullock in In Style: "I haven't had children biologically. I had shut that off; then I met Jesse, and it turned on again. I was like, 'Oh, that's that feeling.' "

He made her feel like she could let her guard down. "He takes care of her, which was really hard for her at first," Ann Lopez, wife of Bullock bud George Lopez, said in an interview. "She's so independent. Then here comes Mr. Macho: strong and yet sensitive, artistic, a businessman and all around a cool dude. I have never seen her so happy."

They actually both like driving really fast on vehicles with wheels. Bullock loves to go off-roading on dirt bikes and cussing a lot. She once said, "I want to be a broad."

James isn't the only one who seems very conscious of, um, race. Addressing a question about future children, Bullock told People, "If that's gonna happen, that's exactly the way things are supposed to be, and it would be amazing. And if it didn't happen, then I'd know that I was supposed to be right here with these three amazing, blond Aryan children. Everyone looks at me and goes, 'I know you ain't the mama!' I'm like, 'That's OK, I can put in some blond highlights!' "

James himself isn't all guns and choppers. He admires Martha Stewart, for one. And they both consider themselves very stubborn.

Most tellingly, Bullock seems to have believed that James's past was just that: his past. While shooting the film Premonition in a Shreveport, La., church, Bullock reportedly told the pastor, "He's gotten over the wildness and I'm the wild one now!"

Sadly, it looks like Bullock was wrong, at least, on that last count.


Remember, this is all about porn stars and tatts and Jesse James' Classy Ladies.

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