Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey

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Yesterday's news floored us, too.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced via Twitter that they'd called it quits after five seemingly blissful years together, filled with skywriting, activism and—we have to assume—a whole lotta laughs.

But there aren't really any red flags alerting us to trouble in paradise given their actions in the past few months. Here's a quick look at the highlights:

Dec. 7, 2009: Promoting her holiday-themed movie on ABC Family, Jenny tells E! News she "just wanted someone to make out with" when she first met Jim and that they "waited and savored the first moments" of their courtship. She was looking forward to spending the holidays with her man "doing nothing" and explained why they weren't planning to tie the knot anytime soon. "When you fail at something, even a couple times, I think the universe is telling you something," she said. "Will we never get married? I told him when we're 85, and one of us dies and we don't want to pay taxes on the money—isn't that romantic?—possibly! But for now, we don't need it. We feel married. I'm his wife and I love it."

Feb. 14: Jenny takes their romance to new heights, hiring a skywriter to inscribe "J (heart) J" in the sky above their Los Angeles-area home. He tweets his appreciation: "Jenny my Love, you've stolen my heart, my soul, and of course anything you find in my pants. XXXXXXOOOOO :^)."

Feb. 25: The couple's activism in autism awareness lands them in Time magazine. "The Autism Debate: Who's Afraid of Jenny McCarthy" highlights her work to help her son, Evan, who has the disorder, as well as the couple's open, yet controversial, beliefs that childhood vaccinations cause it.

Feb. 26: Jim becomes a 47-year-old grandpa when his grown-up daughter, Jane, welcomes a son, Jackson Riley Santana.

March 22: Jenny may have hit Chelsea Handler's book party solo, but she continues to express her affection for him. "I love Jim in any form," she tells E! News. "He could have no arms and no legs and I'll love the stump of him." She also claims being called "Grandma" doesn't bother her at all.

April 4: Twitter regular Jim announces that he's "leavin' the stream 4 a few days." On the same day, Jenny writes, "Happy Easter. If anyone is short any eggs, I think I have a couple left in my ovaries. I don't plan on using them so lemme know." (Before you go jumping to the conclusion that more kids was the cause of the split, Jenny gave an interview in August saying that she loves that neither of them wants more children).

April 6: After the couple make their startling announcement, they both thanked the Twitterverse for their kind words and well wishes.

Can you even hedge a guess as to what may have caused this catastrophic collapse?


It kills us to have to add these two to our Big Celebrity Splits gallery!

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