Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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Who the hell knows what day Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart first officially started the rebellious romance they still (yes, still) have going on. But one year ago today was when we here at the A.T. decided to be the first to report on those naughty Robsten shenanigans.

And how happy are we? Almost as much as Robsten! So far to date, we've had...

Way more than 400 posts about their epic romance, more than one a day. Can you effing believe it? We're sure the Twi-haters who have wanted to gouge their eyes out the past year can.

A "WTF?!" photo of an obvious K.Stew being cropped out of a R.Pattz paparazzi shot is what first grabbed our attention that something fishy was going on behind the Twilight scenes.

And then our sources started blabbing—and how. (And they've never stopped.)

Despite suits, handlers and friends alike telling Rob and Kristen to so not go there with their relationship (what with Kristen's image still supposedly having then-boyfriend Michael Angarano and a multimillion franchise on the line and, oh yeah, Nikki Reed) our favorite young couple did what the hell they wanted anyways.

Do you love it or do you love it?

In honor of what we'll call Kristen and Rob's first unofficial anniversary—since we were the only people putting our necks on the line to tell you what was up with these two—we're going to have a week-long anniversary for the duo.

First up:

Behold a newly updated Rob & Kristen Romance Diary, catching you up on all the pivotal moments in their relaysh. Enjoy!

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