Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was spotted out in L.A. recently proving that while her career may not be red-hot right now, her smokin' looks are perfectly intact.

The Oscar-winning actress has been keeping a rather low profile as of late, in more ways than one:

Sexy Theron made an incognito appearance at the Landmark Theater on Pico Boulevard Monday night to check out some red-hot directorial talent.

Nash and Joel Edgerton (rumored to be the next Coen brothers) had a supersmall premiere of their Australian film The Square. C.T. hit the low-key shindig and tried as much as possible to keep the focus off her pretty self.

"[Charlize] was totally dressed down and casual in leggings and a little knit cap," says our source. "She was one of the first people to walk into the theater."

Love when high-class actresses aren't too cool for school. Nicole Kidman would so never do this kinda under-the-radar stuff.

Another equally delish buff-muffin who went to this shindig was Ewan McGregor, "looking dashing as ever, bedecked in black."

"That dude is a real movie star," is how our jaw-dropped source puts it. "He just oozes it."

Even pals at the Landmark Theater who know Ewan personally couldn't stop raving about him. Our moviegoin' source overheard man of the night Nash talking about what a cool dude McGregor was as well.

"Yeah, I was his stunt double for all the Star Wars movies...He's one of the nicest, most down-to-earth movie stars I've ever met."

Loves! Don't you?

A gal down in Miami not nearly so incognito but still oh-so-fun was Rosie O'Donnell, who was getting her party on over the weekend.

O'Donnell was hosting a party for a group of tweens on Friday evening at Lucky Strike Lanes on South Beach. There were about a dozen rugrats at Party Rosie and three adults.

No word yet as to whether one of the femmes was Ro's new main gal, but everyone had a great time bowling for a couple of hours and munching on pizza, chicken bites, coconut shrimp, fries and sodas. Jeez, hanging out with Rosie sure is where the good eats are, huh?

In true celeb fashion, L'O'Donnell sent her assistant before party time, to make sure everything was up to snuff, natch.

Additional reporting by Susan Michals and Martin Haro


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