Sandra Bullock

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For a woman who's supposedly sealed into her Hollywood and Texas homes as tightly as possible, word of what Sandra Bullock is doing (and thinking) sure is getting out.

And not all those who are close to Bullock think that the gospel according to the cheated-upon Oscar winner is accurate:

"Everything I've read that is supposed to be coming from her sounds totally made up," says a longtime friend to Jesse James' estranged wife. "Except for the few formal announcements from her rep like [Bullock] not trying to adopt—that's accurate."

According to our bullish Bullock crony, Sandy's just not talking. At all, to anybody.

This apparently includes famous faces such as George Lopez and magazines such as People. And considering Lopez had the stunning news that Sandy was peachy and doing so "great," one would think our Bullock pal knows of what she spills.

That's how the Bullock camper says she's so certain that anything we're reading about Sandy—at this point—wanting or not wanting to take back the scoundrel James, she feels, is complete B.S.

But our Bullock chum does have this to wager: When we pressed what the hell the bitchin' Blind Side star's gonna do with that jerk of a hubby, this is what we were told:

"I'd be shocked if she took him back."

Uh, yeah, so would the entire Western Hemisphere, and probably beyond.


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