George Lopez

GSI7/GSI Media

Sandra Bullock will have to show her face in public again one day.

But until that day comes, the public is going to her.

The actress's good pal George Lopez paid a visit to Bullock's Hollywood Hills home Monday. He stayed for about 20 minutes, then got in his car and left, ignoring all questions from the paparazzi that have been camped outside since word spread that Bullock was waiting out the media monsoon at her own home.

Well, the home she presciently kept despite having moved to the O.C. with hubby Jesse James five years ago.

A moving van was spotted Friday outside the Seal Beach residence they shared until recently, when allegations arose that James had been rampantly unfaithful.

So whether Lopez was giving Bullock a makeover or discussing how to patch things up with Lindsay Lohan, the Oscar winner must have been happy to see a friendly face.


Wouldn't you know, Sandra Bullock didn't make it into our gallery of Jesse James' Classy Ladies.

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