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If you agree that this season of Grey's Anatomy has been kicking some serious gluteus maximus despite a missing castmember or two, well, get ready, 'cause it's about to rip your heart out and feed it to you with a spoon.

And that, dear friends, is meant as the best of all compliments, 'cause we all know that Grey's serves up heartache like nobody else's business!

Sources tell me one of the power couples we know and love will soon be no more, and I have the exclusive scoop on that.

Plus, the latest on Jenny and Nate (scandal!) on Gossip Girl, the next amazing Lost and Chuck's impending dark side....

Matilda in Mississippi: We're all aware that whatever Jack Bass does on tonight's Gossip Girl is pretty huge, but can you tell us if this is it for Desmond Harrington on the show, or will he be back to mess things up again?

You never know with those tight-lipped Gossip Girl producers, but according to Desmond Harrington, when drama is needed, there he'll be. "They bring him when they need somebody to ruin something, I guess," he tells us. We love you, D, but here's hoping we never see your trouble-bringin' face about the Upper East Side again.

Rachelle in Catalina Island: It's time to take sides: Are you on Life Unexpected's Team Ryan or Team Baze?
I definitely love me some Kris Polaha and, of course, have a soft spot for Kerr Smith from way back in the Dawson's Creek day, but would you believe me if I told you the guys of Life Unexpected have convinced me to turn—Team Math?! "Team Math all the way, that's all I'm saying," Mister Math himself, Austin Basis, just told me. "Watch the 'Winter Formal' episode, and if you don't go 'awww,' then there's no hope." Think he's kidding? Get a load of this: "Team Math is the most valid. Team Math, start the revolution! I even made people's T-shirts for wrap gifts." Ummm, Austin, where's my shirt?

Michael in Beltsville Md.: I'm so excited for Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost! Any word on what Damon and Carlton will reveal after the finale airs?
Word on the street is that Lost fans should be very excited! Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will not only be chatting with Jimmy about what we just saw in the jaw-dropping finale, they're also going to reveal alternate endings! Don't know about you guys, but that's pretty much the best Lost news we've heard since Desmond finally returned in lat week's episode.  

Andrew in Iowa: I know Better Off Ted is part of your Save One Show campaign, but if it doesn't win is there any possibility it'll be back?
A few of the show's stars have gone off to shoot other pilots (which is never a great sign), but according to Portia De Rossi, the cast didn't wrap production under the impression it was the series finale. "My show is done with the season, which is fine"; plus, now she has time to watch wifey Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol. "I'm actually going to every taping. It's really fun to be there, and it's fun to support her."

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
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Reggie in Seattle: Anything good on Grey's Anatomy?
And how. I'm hearing from insiders that one of the longer-term, most-loved couples at Seattle Grace will soon be calling it quits, and the only good (sorta) news is this: It's gonna leave both of them pretty devastated, so personally, I'm pushing big time for them to get back together! The bad news, though, is it involves a very serious issue that it certainly seems like they cannot get past. Meanwhile, there's also going to be a new fling in the hospital, involving one of the newcomers this season, and someone who's been around for a good long while. Here's your first hint as to the breakup: It is not because either of them have met someone new. And the first clue to the hookup: It stinks! (And only you die-hard fans of a certain other show will get that reference.) Most importantly: I have it on good authority that the tail end of Grey's current season will be über-good, so get ready, y'all. As boss Shonda Rhimes herself told us, the upcoming season finale is "a serious game changer for every single character." And she means it.

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Melanie in Miami: Give us one last hint on the new four-letter word on Lost?
Again, this is the word that is what the show is really all about, and it will become clear in tomorrow night's episode. Your final clue: You so won't hate it! And a reminder: I adore this episode! I think some of you will, too.

Thomas in Redlands, Calif.: What more can you tell us about this week's Lost?
It includes, let's see, one, two, three surprise returns, and one of them is someone you have not yet read or heard about! Also, there's an underwater scene that will seriously make you gasp...It involves the underwater "island" and some amazing synchronized-swimmer monkeys. OK, kidding on that last part. It does not involve the island or monkeys but will make you gasp, and it takes place in the sideways world! The whole episode is pretty mushy gushy.

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Rebecca in New York: Please! Tell us what Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage said about Jenny and Nate! And thank you for the Chuck and Blair scoop, that is great to hear.
You got it. So, when I asked the Gossip Girl bosses if Jenny and Nate have moved past their platonic, brother-sister relationship, Josh told me: "I think one of them may feel that way." Zinga! I'm guessing that's Jenny. You? Stephanie simply gave this little tease: "We do have a really fun story coming up in this last run of episodes moving toward the finale." Fun for who? I'm thinking not fun for Serena!

Ginny in Texas: Am I the only fan rooting for Vanessa and Rufus?! They have mad chemistry.
Ew. And yes! Josh Schwartz has this to say: "We understand there are all kinds of fans, Nate-Serena fans, Dan-Serena fans, and even Vanessa-Rufus fans, but we want everybody to know that they are talked about in the writer's room all the time, except for the Vanessa-Rufus fans. They're the only ones we can tell you are barking up the wrong tree." Ha!

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Melinda in Rhode Island: How about some good Chuck news?
Tonight's episode is fantastic, and there's some serious life-or-death stuff in the works toward the end of the season that is going to send Chuck to a darker place than he's ever been before. I think you guys will get into it.

Trevor in Austin, Texas: Castle was saved! Hooray. So what's next?
Kimber lives! Well, sorta. Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson joins the gang in a few weeks—opposite Dancing With the Stars' Tom Bergeron—in her typical bad-girl role, seducing Castle along the way. Also joining the star-filled ep are Fred Willard,  French Stewart, Dan Cortese and Bill Bellamy. That's a whole lotta pretty for one hour, ABC.

Greg in Edgerton, Kan.: I hope V makes it to season two. What's ahead on my favorite show?
The impalpable and steamy goodness between Chad (Scott Wolf) and Anna (Morena Baccarin) continues to accelerate in the coming weeks, first when Chad boards the mothership for yet another V exclusive sit-down. Then the two travel together to Switzerland for a U.N. summit. Food for thought: Will they book one room or two?

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Leigh in Montreal: I'm not a fan of Naomi and Liam on 90210. Is there any chance he'll reunite with Ivy?
First, Ivy and Dixon need to explore that little fauxmance we told you about a few weeks ago. "Some feelings develop further down the line," Gillian Zinser just told us at the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy launch. "Ivy's a little bit skeptical at first, and then you might see her give him a shot, but I'm not positive—word on the street has it." As for Liam and Naomi, she said, "Whether they will last or not, I would be wary. There's not much depth to that relationship, which has always been the issue—great sex, no depth." Burn!

Cristina in Palo Alto, Calif.: I'm crazy about Jones on Life Unexpected. Please tell me that Lux is going to ditch Bug by the end of the season.
I can't tell you Lux will completely decide to go one way or the other by Life Unexpected's season end, but I will tell you your dreams of squashing the Bug might come true…in due time. "Bug's been around for the majority of her adolescence, and he's grown with her," Britt Robertson tells us of Lux. "There is a lot of transition and a lot of tension in the relationship. She wants to at least keep him in her life, whether as her boyfriend or friend." Will Jones swoop in for the kill as things go south with Bug? Says Britt, "As far as Jones goes, it's a friendship that will continue to grow."

Jane in New Jersey: What's the word over on Brothers & Sisters?
Tommy's back and just in time for Nora's big announcement: She plans on selling the family's Ojai shares. Obviously this news doesn't sit well with copresident Sarah, who vows to fight her siblings—and mom—no matter what it takes. Side note, those fun flashbacks are finally here, so get ready to enjoy some '80's goodness. It won't disappoint.

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Boyd in Milwaukee: Can you give me some love story scoop from Brothers & Sisters please?
If you're fans of Justin and Rebecca, get ready for an awww-inducing moment that may just involve...a marriage license. There, we said it, and that's all you're going to get!

Catherine in Long Island: The Ugly Betty finale is almost here. Is there any hope at all for Betty and Daniel?
The brilliant minds behind Ugly Betty are keeping the hope alive until the very end, folks. First, Daniel fawned over a beautiful, braces-less Betty, next Betty will ask Daniel to be her plus-one to Hilda's wedding (platonically, of course—wink, wink!) and by the series' final hour, aptly titled "Hello Goodbye," Daniel's reaction to Betty's decision about her future will leave her dumbfounded.

Reannon in Phoenix: Anything you can share about Parenthood would be great.
Those Braverman parents are about to become grandparents again, this time when Crosby (Dax Shepherd) finally musters up the courage to spill the news about his son Jabbar to his folks.

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Maggie in Los Angeles: I'm so glad Andy and Erin are finally together on The Office. Is it for the long haul?
That remains to be seen, but adorkable loves Andy and Erin will soon face their biggest misstep when Michael reveals the sordid details of Andy's engagement gone wrong to Angela. The worst part of all? This happens on Secretary's Day after Andy puts loads of effort into making it special for his new girlfriend. (If he doesn't pull out that banjo, we'll die of shock!) 

Michelle in Highland, Calif.: Keep the Cougar Town scoop coming. We love it!
Scott Foley is back in the hiz-ouse! On the next new Cougar Town, we'll see Jules' dreaded gorgeous ex-boy-toy back on the scene. Meanwhile, the wine-drinkin' mama helps her son Travis out after his—dun dun dun—first breakup. Yep, Kylie finally hits the road, leaving Jules to pick up the pieces.

James in Pittsburgh: Could Modern Family be any funnier? I think not!
Ummm, obviously the answer to that question is no! Well, if you love Justin Kirk on Weeds, you might just love him even more on Modern Family in a few weeks when he pops up as one of Mitchell's new clients. Unfortunately, Mitchell brings Cameron along to meet Kirk's Lee Keizler, and as per usual, his meddling, larger-than-life personality doesn't bode well for the budding business relationship. Plus, there are a few sweet motherly bonding moments ahead between Gloria and Claire.

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Olivia from Las Vegas: Nurse Jackie scoop, please.
Tonight, you can look forward to Jackie (Edie Falco) dealing with the one thing she hates more than running low on her stash: Dr. Cooper's (Peter Facinelli) ego being inflated beyond normal range, which is exactly what happens when he makes New York Magazine's list of top doctors in Manhattan.

Tristan in New Mexico: Anything good coming up on United States of Tara?
One of the main ladies finds out she's preggers—and it's not Tara or Kate. And that's just half the news. Turns out this woman is newly engaged, and the baby is not her soon-to-be better half's. Elsewhere in the Gregson world, Max (John Corbett) unleashes a new side of his own, one that's less "understanding hubby" and more "angry, violent, aggressive" man of the house.

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Breanne Heldman and Jenna Mullins


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