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It's hard out there for a Trump. But it's about to get even harder for a certain Trump's alleged stalker.

Justin Massler, the 27-year-old web-savvy overly obsessed fan of Ivanka Trump, was released on $10,000 bond in New York yesterday after getting slapped with a half-dozen charges—among them stalking, stemming from nearly two years of harassing emails and Twitter messages sent to both Donald dearest's daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Massler did not enter a plea during yesterday's arraignment, but was ordered to see a psychiatrist at least once a week pending trial. Which, if the details that emerged this week are anything to go by, promises to be a doozy.

"I won't just be ignored," he wrote in an email to Kushner's New York Observer last August. And certainly not by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Massler—who incidentally once legally changed his name to Storm Cloudchaser—also ordered Trump's hubby to "surrender" a building in New York, demanded his address in order to "talk some sense into him" and also threatened to "commandeer" the newspaper he publishes.

"I am king of the Jews and I have decided to commandeer the New York Observer for this purpose which I can do since it is owned [by] Jared Kushner who is a Jew and therefore one of my subjects," he emailed.

As for Ivanka, in addition to the creepy fanpage he started, in which he detailed his attempts at telepathically connecting with Trump among other cringeworthy pursuits, Massler also allegedly sent her emails and tweets in which he threatened to kill himself, interspersed with declarations of love.

He told her his "dream in life" was to marry her, but also referred to her as "a diseased elitist." It's unclear whether this was before or after he sent her a photo of himself covered in fake blood.

He even vowed to kill himself at New York's Ivanka Trump Collection boutique in order to tarnish its image and do damage to the business lest she send him an autographed photo of herself. Apparently, he's never heard of eBay.

"My only other option will be to simply stalk Ivanka Trump in a maniacal manner for this picture by becoming nothing other than a deranged celebrity stalker," he wrote.

"I used to stalk her but psychiatrists chased me out of NYC, so I can't now," he later tweeted.

Um, the prosecution rests?

Massler's defense team has chalked up the threats to his "eccentric sense of humor," with nary a word about his history of psychiatric problems or time spent in a mental hospital.

No trial date has yet been set, but in the meantime Massler will be relocated to Reno, where he will remain under his mother's care.


Ivanka wasn't in court yesterday (can you blame her?), but check out which celebs have made the perp walk in our Court Appearances gallery.

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